DreamWorld Studios, a Video Production company in Minneapolis MN, builds integrated creative solutions for clients needing to rise above the clutter of today’s media landscape. With capabilities spanning from strategy to conceptualization to production, we are able to turn ideas into action.

What’s New

  • IADT – “Can’t Be Contained”

    Description: A 30 second direct response TV commercial produced for the International Academy of Design & Technology. We filmed this in our studio with our talent acting against a green screen. Behind the scenes peek: In the part where the camera is rotating around our actor, the camera is stationary on a tripod. Our talent is actually kneeling on a swivel chair as a crew member is crouched out of camera shot slowly turning him. Technical: Script Writing Green Screen Adobe Premiere Pro Direction Panasonic HPX500 Adobe After Effects

  • Chefs.com

    Description: A recipe website we designed and developed for the Career Education Corporation. This popular recipe site includes hundreds of unique recipes gathered from around the world. Chefs.com is updated frequently with new recipes as they come in. Visit Live Technical: Project Management Creative Design Dot Net Nuke Creative Development

  • Thermo King

    Description: ThermoKing launched a revolutionary new product that generates power to a cab when the truck isn’t running. This diagnostics and training tool in one provides drivers, dealers and technicians unrivaled online help. DreamWorld Studios recreated the TriPac HMI in a the digital world so that it acts exactly the same as it would on a truck. This has saved Thermo King countless hours in training and trouble shooting. Technical: Project Management Creative Design Creative Development Flash / Action Script LMS Integration

  • Times they are a changing…

    I think there’s a song out there that goes a little something like, “Times they are a changin.” That’s the...

  • GetBlue2Now.com

    Visit getblue2now.com to buy and find out more information. Blue II Bluetooth™ Wireless Speaker: This evolution of acoustics combines the...

  • DRTV/Branding Spot Gender Confusion

    You see it often.  A spot that doesn’t know what it is. Am I a Direct Response Spot? Am I...

Fun Facts

The  famous “Uncle Sam” recruitment poster “I Want YOU for the U.S. Army”, designed  by James Montgomery Flagg, was actually an inspirational version of the British poster by Alfred Leete

The Coca-Cola logo design was not made from a typeface but was originally prepared using a handwriting style, now known as Spencerian Script.

Gustave Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed a successful career as an architect despite having dyslexia and a paralyzing fear of heights.