The Team:

The DreamWorld Studios team has decades of production experience filming in nearly every environment: from quiet forests to noisy factory floors, to sub-zero blizzards and searing desert heat.

We’re a dedicated team of writers, directors, videographers, editors and motion designers all working to tell the best stories possible. At DWS we have our primary team of full-time staff members you see here. In addition, we have what we like to think of as our extended team which consists of a very large list of specialized team members who we can call upon to extend and augment our capabilities and/or turn times. After being in business for over a dozen years we have built relationships with many very talented individuals and companies locally as well as locations circling the globe who we know that we can count on.



Vice President/Production Manager


Creative Director


Art Director


Business Development


Business Development




Video Editor/Motion Graphics/Production


Video Editor/Motion Graphics/Production



Video Editor/Video Production




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