New Green Screen image

I think there’s a song out there that goes a little something like, “Times they are a changin.” That’s the mantra here at DreamWorld Studios. Our little company is in the midst of really exciting times. If you’ve ever visited our humble abode, you’re well aware that we utilize our space to the max. Our tiny studio houses our audio booth and sometimes acts as a storage room.

Heck, ask former intern and current editor Joel Faatz. While Joel was an intern here we were out of room. We had no desk, no closet, no hallway space for him to call his own.

Audio Engineer in action

Joel was forced to call the studio his “work space.” Never mind the computer he had was nothing more than a pentium that someone placed a “Vista” sticker on to give the impression Joel had the latest and greatest computer. (Vista, ha, we had him fooled. We have since upgraded this computer.) I digress. In the next few weeks, DreamWorld Studios will be transformed. We’ve acquired the office space next to us and we are in the middle of building out a state of the art production studio. With a giant green screen, a green room, changing rooms and a kitchen, this studio will be a state of the art facility that will be available to all for the most competitive price in the Twin Cities. You’re going to be impressed.

Old Server Area image

That’s not all though. Currently visitors at DreamWorld Studios are greeted by, well nothing really. There’s a wall right when you walk in. That wall will remain but visitors will soon relax in a lounge that will rival any Delta Sky Club.

During tours of our current facility, I often point out our servers, our SAN, etc. To be honest, the technology is impressive but the room is a mess. Our SAN sits next to our server that sits on the floor. Right across from the server is our pizza oven that sits below a sprinkler head. Let’s just say I hold my breath every time someone cooks their Tombstone or Jacks pizza. We’re completely renovating our server room. In the next month or so, our server room is going to be completely renovated. I can’t give you too many details but let’s just say YouTube’s server room will have nothing on our server room. (Maybe a slight exaggeration but we’re still really pumped up.)

Old Conference Room image

Lastly, you might not think a conference room is anything to brag up. I beg to differ. The DWS conference room is getting an extreme makeover that rivals anything Ty Pennigton could create. Well maybe not that extreme but we’re all grateful for the revamped conference room.

Need a reason to leave the office? Feeling lonely and just want to chat? In the neighborhood and just want to stop by? Come on over and see the progress. See why, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s a song as well.