Video Marketing works. It’s been proven that it’s not only engaging, but more engaging and effective than other mediums. Companies know they should be working with video, but haven’t taken the steps toward making a plan or even research the potential returns on this investment.

That’s why we’re here to push you in the right direction. Here’s why video marketing works.

Stopping Power

According to Diode Digital, video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

Even with the best copy you can possibly throw together, video has been proven time and time again to be more effective than print in terms of information retention and engagement. While watching video can be considered passive, it’s an effective way to drive home your business’ message and personality in a way that visitors can relate to. As opposed to scanning text or an infographic.

Brafton reports improvements in bounce rates as high as 34% when implementing a video marketing content strategy with 70% of customers reporting improved ROI.

Print and direct mail have their place as informative and cheap solutions for dispersing information, but it can’t compare when going toe-to-toe with video. The initial investment may be a hard pill to swallow so that’s why careful planning with a creative entity and a solid/detailed content strategy will help put things into perspective.

Buying Power

90% of customers shopping online prefer products with video attached to them than those without.

Something as simple as a demonstration or informational video builds confidence in your product, but it can’t just be any video. Consult the professionals on the best way make an engaging and entertaining end result. The worst thing you can do is commit to a video project and obstruct it but cutting corners. It will hurt your brand/product and leave a bad taste in your mouth for future video marketing projects. In simpler terms, you get what you pay for.

46% percent of shoppers will seek out additional information about a product after seeing an online video.

You’ve put in so much work to get people to your site and they’re still not converting? Give them a reason to stay and keep poking around. 60% of visitors will watch a video before reading any text on a site. This also leads to visitors staying longer on pages that include video making their stay more meaningful.

Branding Power

“Video will soon be 90% of all internet traffic” – YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content, Robert Kyncl.

There are a couple of things holding video back when compared to other mediums. It’s expensive and time consuming. Two things businesses don’t want to hear when thinking about new endeavors. That’s why video marketing is such a staple for huge brands while the little guy has to stick to AdWords, social media, blogging, and direct mail. While those tools are invaluable, it’s time to bring video into your arsenal.

More than 3/4 of companies are on Facebook and Twitter while only 1/3 are on YouTube.

Video is somewhat exclusive, but the companies that can afford it use it for a reason: it works. The good news is that the manpower and technology needed to produce quality video is more accessible and cheaper than ever.

If you haven’t thought about working with video for a while, try consulting with professionals and exploring what you might be capable of budgeting for.